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Work Culture

Why is empathy missing in the Indian workplace

· August 8, 2018

The 2016 Empathy Index reflected that of the 170 companies studied, eight Indian ones were in the bottom 20 of the pile. Simply speaking, Indian companies showed, in relative terms, the lowest levels of empathy towards their employees and if you are an Indian employee working in one of the great Indian firms, you may relate ...

Work Culture

How to make work better?

· July 19, 2018

WORK. Love it or hate it, but we cannot ignore it. Our work defines who we are more than any other identity we acquire throughout our lives. Work gives us self-respect and is the reason to look forward to something bigger than the trivial musings of our everyday existence. As the time goes on, the ...

Work Culture

Problems of the Indian workforce

· July 8, 2018

Indian workforce has the largest and youngest anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, the problem of the country’s workforce is that they are not equipped to create more and better jobs The Indian workforce is growing every single day. Yet, the work culture in the corporate world has gone for a toss. It is somewhere in ...