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Data scientist: All you need to know and more!

· December 11, 2018

Data science is important because data is knowledge, and knowledge is important. Data scientists, on the other hand, are now thriving in this field because of the growth of said importance.

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Easy Ways to Talk About the 5 Most Common Resume Gaps

· October 17, 2018

Do you have a resume gap that is bothering you? Well, it can be sometimes a challenging aspect to overcome resume gaps and bag a job offer. But, if you are taking a positive approach, nothing can stop you to succeed. Seek the smarter ways of talking about your resume gaps.

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6 Ways To Make Yourself Irreplaceable At Work

· September 26, 2018

The fear of being ousted from your company looms large, making yourself irreplaceable at work is the only solution to secure your job.

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Lessons I Learned From Quitting My Job With No Back-up Plan

· September 26, 2018

‘I quit’, I said with a certain relief in my voice and it was clear to my superior as well. I know it sounds dramatic but this was something I had been thinking for long and had finally found the courage to do. I had given the job all I could and I had no ...

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Not another career advice

· July 31, 2018

Career advice for students can be the most dreaded discussions of their life. As every discussion starts with a ‘this will change your life’ expression and ends up with the student fearing what to do and how to go ahead. The beginning So, where and when do career advice sessions begin? For me, it started even ...

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Career advice are always on the way

· July 20, 2018

The initial stages of this journey and the thoughts that run in the mind of a newly graduated student in the transition period from a student to an employee are articulated. Life is a roller coaster ride which starts smooth and passes through numerous hurdles on its journey. And, so far everything was planned for ...