Career Fresher Salary Negotiation

Steps on how to negotiate salary during campus placement

· December 12, 2018

Campus placements are filled with a high of wanting to achieve and an aura of nervousness. And negotiating salary? Phew.

Job Interview

Thinking on your feet: How to answer difficult questions in a job interview

· December 7, 2018

These tips will help you think on your feet and answer all questions with ease and confidence:


How to Handle Getting Laid off

· December 6, 2018

Getting fired can is a sucker-punch! Here’s how you can handle it to soften the blow.

Salary Salary Negotiation

9 things you must negotiate other than salary

· December 6, 2018

There’s much more at stake than just your salary when it comes to negotiations. There are other things which could be of more value.

Work life Balance

Here are 5 work sectors which ensure a better work-life balance

· December 5, 2018

Millennials are extremely particular about creating a good work-life balance and the opportunities are abundant.



Job Search

Five Reasons why you should stop feeling guilty about leaving your job

· October 23, 2018

Leaving your job could come with a plethora of emotions, guilt being one of them. But you should not let yourself be dragged down by it and here’s why.

Work life Balance

6 Ways to be positive at work

· September 12, 2018

The feeling of negativity and positivity are both influenced by your own perspective but positivity at work is subjective and you can influence it yourself

Mental Health

Five ways to reduce stress at the workplace

· August 27, 2018

Dealing with stress in the workplace becomes crucial as it causes a lot of physical problems from headaches to heart attacks. While talking about problems affecting employees at the workplace, visible problems like targets, deadlines...


Here are the best ways to be productive at work

· August 23, 2018

What we do as professionals is what defines us, and our work, as a consequence, becomes an integral part of our identity. Needless to say, being productive at work not only benefits us professionally but...


Why startups in Bangalore have the worst work culture

· August 22, 2018

A closer look to startups would reveal that there’s a systemic lack of attention towards creating a unique culture, let alone a healthy prospering one.