Hush | Community for employees
Usage guidelines and Privacy Policy
1.1 Ownership, Purpose and Structure of the ‘HUSH’ Application and Website:
HUSH is an Application and website owned by ‘Erbauen Labs’, a company incorporated under the Laws of India. HUSH is intended to be used by people/employees who are working or have worked for a company, partnership, organization, association or startup or one who is looking for a job, as a platform/intermediary, for discussing and exchanging their views and experiences with other colleagues/employee regarding the company etc., in a positive and constructive manner. Hush can be used to get and give career advice, find other career related contents and to connect with other professionals.
1.2 HUSH operates in a manner where it has two separate platforms/Communities:
Global Community: Where any user/subscriber/visitor on HUSH can read the posts, comments and other career contents. The new content can be created only by the user/subscriber.

Company Community: Where an employee of a company can post comments or content in the community of that specific company on HUSH and therefore, only the employees of that company can see the posts on that Company’s Wall on HUSH and no one else.

HUSH, as an intermediary, explains by way of this Privacy Policy and Usage Guidelines and Conditions, in what manner it collects, stores, processes and/or uses the personal information and/or the Contents/Posts shared by the user/subscriber/visitor on its Application.
1.3 Conditions of Usage:
(a) The user/subscriber should have attained the age of 18 years and should give a declaration to this effect at the time of signing up on HUSH.
(b) The user/subscriber works or has worked in a company, partnership, organization, association or startup or one who is looking for a job and gives the correct details of his true identity at the time of signing up on HUSH, whether he posts through its true identity or through his Anonymous Identity.
(c) The user/subscriber intends to use the platform provided by HUSH, for professional purposes only, in a constructive and positive manner and share only that information or content which he has the right to share. The user/subscriber shall not use HUSH to post any content which violates the law of the land or right of any person, civil or criminal as recognized by law, in any manner.
(d) The user/subscriber doesn’t have any underlying motive to defame or tarnish the reputation of any individual, company, organization or association, in any manner.
(e) The user/subscriber shall not use any abusive, inappropriate, disparaging language or content on HUSH. The user/subscriber shall not make any comment or remark, which amounts to harassing or bullying someone, condemning or demeaning someone on the basis of caste, religion or community. The user/subscriber shall not use any inappropriate or pornographic words or content on HUSH. The user/subscriber shall not misuse the platform provided by HUSH to give threats to someone or to settle personal scores with someone.
(f) The User/subscriber shall not host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information that belongs to another person and to which the user does not have any right to or is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous defamatory, obscene, pornographic, pedophilic, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever.
(g) The user/subscriber shall not threaten the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation.
2.0 Nature of Identity of Users/Subscriber:
2.1 True Identity:
Whenever a user/subscriber wants to post comments on HUSH, he/she will have to register and sign up. The user/subscriber will give specific, true and correct information regarding his/her true identity at the time of signing up/registration. The user/subscriber shall give a declaration that all the information provided by him/her regarding his/her identity at the time of registration and signing up on HUSH is true and correct and nothing false has been stated or submitted. The user/subscriber will give an email-Id or mobile number while registering /signing up with HUSH. HUSH will send a link/code to the registered email-Id and/or by sending code/OTP to the mobile number provided by the user/subscriber at the time of registration/signing up. HUSH will periodically keep sending such links/code or OTP, as the case may be, on registered email-Id or registered mobile number of the user/subscriber to keep their respective account secured with HUSH.
If the user/subscriber also wants to get access to the company community of his company then they will provide Hush their official company email address and Hush will send a link / code to the company email address provided by the user. The user/subscriber may use his/her True Identity to post comments either on the Company Community or on the Global Community of HUSH. Each user/subscriber may have a Public Profile page and all the information provided by the user/subscriber on this page shall be visible to the other users/subscribers/visitors of the Hush platform.
2.2 Anonymous Identity:
The user/subscriber, apart from having a True Identity on HUSH, may also have an Anonymous Identity on HUSH. The user/subscriber, with the Anonymous Identity shall, however, provide all true and correct information to HUSH, which shall enable HUSH to relate to/link the anonymous identity with the true identity of the user/subscriber. HUSH shall not disclose and shall keep the information of the anonymous identity of the user/subscriber private, at all times. The user/subscriber may use his/her Anonymous Identity to posts comments either on the Company Community or on the Global Community.
3.0 Usage of Information/Data shared on HUSH:
The other kind of data provided by the user/subscriber on HUSH is when the user/subscriber posts certain content on the Community of HUSH. Firstly, the said content is disclosed in accordance with the profile chosen by the user/subscriber, i.e. disclosing his true identity or as Anonymous user/subscriber. When a user posts a message on HUSH, the other user/subscriber will see whatever message has been posted. HUSH also displays the comments of user on the posts by another user/subscriber on HUSH. As between the user/subscriber and the HUSH, you own the content and information that user/subscriber posts on HUSH, however, you grant HUSH the right to use, publish and process the information and content that you provide on HUSH, without any further consent or notice from the user/subscriber. HUSH, however, does not use any information, data or content of the user/subscriber for any services or for any information to third parties, without specific consent to this effect from the user/subscriber. The posts by a user/subscriber remain on the Community of HUSH, unless the post is deleted by the user/subscriber or by HUSH in view of any violation of the usage guidelines and conditions. This data is not shared by HUSH with any third party.
3.1 True Identity
When a user/subscriber shares information on his profile on HUSH using its true Identity, other users/subscribers can see that information and relate it to the user/subscriber and this information can be used, shared, copied by any other user/subscriber. When a user/subscriber makes a comment on HUSH on the Global Community, using his true identity, other users/subscribers can see and relate that comment and information back to the user/subscriber and such comment can also be used, shared and copied by any other user/subscriber. Similarly, when a user/subscriber makes a comment on HUSH on the Company Community, using his true identity, other users/subscribers who are employees of the same company and have access to that Company Community can see and relate that comment and information back to the user/subscriber and such comment can also be used, shared and copied by any other user/subscriber.
3.2 Anonymous Identity
When a user/subscriber posts somecomments on HUSH using his Anonymous Identity, othersusers/subscribers can see and use that information, but can’trelate it to the true identity of the user/subscriber. When auser/subscriber makes a comment on HUSH, usingAnonymous Identity such comment can also be used, sharedand copied by any other user/subscriber, whether on theGlobal Community or on the Company Community of HUSH.When a user/subscriber posts some comments on HUSH using his Anonymous Identity, others users/subscribers can see and use that information, but can’t relate it to the true identity of the user/subscriber. When a user/subscriber makes a comment on HUSH, using Anonymous Identity such comment can also be used, shared and copied by any other user/subscriber, whether on the Global Community or on the Company Community of HUSH.
3.3 Information/Data Provided by the User:
While signing up as a user/subscriber, whether by disclosing true identity or anonymously, the user/subscriber has to register himself and provide certain personal information such as name of user/subscriber, name of the company/organization the user/subscriber works for, email ID personal and email ID of the company/organization, phone/mobile number, etc. This information is utilized by HUSH for processing and to make it feasible to provide the services to the user/subscriber in the right manner so that the purpose of creating HUSH is achieved. This information is required and saved by HUSH for making the experience of the user/subscriber personal, so that he/she doesn’t need to log in all details every time he/she wants to use HUSH.

The user/subscriber should be aware that HUSH is under no obligation to store, maintain or provide the user/subscriber with a copy of any content or information that the said user/subscriber or any other user/subscriber has provided on HUSH.
3.4 Information/Data Automatically Collected whenUser/Subscriber Posts on HUSH:
Usage Information:
HUSH collects information about the content which the user/subscriber creates, uploads or receives through the services of HUSH. HUSH also collects For example, HUSH collects information such as the time and date, when the user/subscriber which posted the content.
Device Information:
HUSH collects information about the device of the user/subscriber, including the hardware model, operating system and version, browser and language. HUSH also collects device information which helps in diagnosing problems in the rare event that the user/subscriber experiences any crash or other problem while using the services of HUSH.
User Interest:
Based on the interactions (comments, posts, entering profile information) the user does on Hush, we may be able to get some information on the kind of content the user is interested in. HUSH is at liberty to advertise and/or to give suggestions on the wall/platform of user/subscriber.
Wi-fi Network/IP address or IEMI number Information:
HUSH collects information about the Wi-fi network/IP address or IEMI number, as the case may be, of the user/subscriber for security reasons. HUSH will not share such Wi-fi/IP address/IEMI number/usage data with third parties.
How We Use Information:
  • Monitor and analyse trends and usage.
  • Develop, improve, and refine products, services, and functionality.
  • Use it to show more relevant content first to the user based on their interests
  • 3.5 Analytics and Advertising Services Provided byOthers:
    HUSH may let other companies use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to advertise on its behalf. These companies may collect information about how the user/subscriber uses other websites and online services over time and across different services. The information collected may include unique device identifiers, device manufacturer and operating system, IP address, browser type, pages viewed, session start/stop time, links clicked, and conversion information. This information may be used to, among other things, analyze and track data, determine the popularity of certain content, and better understand online activity of the user/subscriber.
    3.6 Communications:
    HUSH will contact the user/subscriber through email, notices posted on our websites or apps, and other ways through our Services, including push notifications. HUSH will send messages to the user/subscriber about the availability and usage of our Services, security, update new contents/on-going trends or other service-related issues.
    4.0 Contract:
    When a user/subscriber agrees to the terms and conditions of HUSH by clicking on ‘Sign Up’, the user/subscriber enters into a binding agreement with HUSH to the extent that he is bound by the Conditions of Usage, the Privacy Policy, which covers how we use, share and store the information and posts/comments shared by the user/subscriber on HUSH; Cookie Policy and the Indian laws governing the running of a platform/intermediary such as HUSH.
    When a user/subscriber provides information on the HUSH Application and signs up whether by using his true identity or by using his Anonymous Identity, the user/subscriber undertakes that the representations made by him and the information provided by him are true and no false statement has been made and he/she agrees to be bound by the Usage Guidelines and the Privacy Policy of HUSH. The question regarding the fulfillment or breach of the conditions of usage by the user/subscriber shall be the sole decision and discretion of HUSH, which discretion shall be guided by the relevant concerned laws of the land and policies governing the running of such an Application in India.
    5.0 Violation of Usage Guidelines:
    Non-adherence to the Usage Guidelines and Conditions shall result in the removal of content and post of the concerned user/subscriber from HUSH. In appropriate cases, which shall be the sole discretion of HUSH, such non-adherence/violation, may also lead to suspension of account of the said user/subscriber and the said user/subscriber being prohibited from using HUSH in the future altogether.
    6.0 Change:
    HUSH may modify the Usage Guidelines and Conditions, Contract or Privacy Policy from time to time. If HUSH makes material changes to the above, it will provide the user/subscriber notice through registered email ID provided by the user to HUSH or through other means on HUSH, to provide the user/subscriber, the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. If the changes/modifications are not acceptable to the user/subscriber, he/she may close the account with HUSH. However, continued use of HUSH despite communication of the change, shall be deemed acceptance of the amendment/change in the Privacy Policy and Usage Guidelines and Conditions, by the user/subscriber.
    7.0 Disclaimer:
    HUSH generally doesn’t review the content posted by the user/subscriber, unless the content is in gross violation of the usage guidelines and conditions as stipulated hereinbefore. By using the services on HUSH, the user/subscriber may come across certain content or information that may be inappropriate, incomplete or perceived to be misleading and incorrect..
    The user/subscriber should be aware that HUSH can’t be held responsible for the other user’s content or information posted by them.
    HUSH reserves the right to limit the use of the services of any user/subscriber in view of violation of usage guidelines or contravention of any law. HUSH reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate the account of any user/subscriber if it believes that the user/subscriber may be in breach of this contract or law or is misusing the application.
    HUSH hereby declares that usage of the platform by any user/subscriber even for long period of time does not give anyone ownership in the services or content or information made available through our application HUSH. Trademarks and Logos used in connection with the Application are the trademarks of the respective owners.
    HUSH does not initiate the transmission or select the receiver of the transmission, or select or modify the information contained in the transmission.
    8.0 Termination and Consequences thereof:
    Both HUSH and the user/subscriber may end/terminate this contract at any time with notice to the other. Upon termination, the user/subscriber losses the right to access the services of HUSH. However, upon termination whatever posts or information which had already been provided by the user/subscriber to HUSH, remains with HUSH on the Application and on its server.
    9.0 Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:
    In the event of any dispute between the parties, arising out of the posts on HUSH, the parties agree that they will be governed by the laws of India. The users/subscribers, while posting on HUSH are deemed to have read and be aware of the usage guidelines and privacy policy as well the law governing intermediaries and therefore, the role of HUSH.
    If any provision of these Terms shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.
    10.0 Complete Agreement:
    These Terms supersede all prior understandings regarding the provision of the Services and save for any fraudulent misrepresentation represent the complete agreement between the user/subscriber and HUSH.
    11.0 Redressal Grievance:
    In case of any complaint/grievance by a user or any other person/victim, who suffers as result of access to the Hush or usage of computer resource of the Hush or of the company owing Hush or with regard to any other matter pertaining to the computer resources made available by Hush or the company owning it, may send a complaint/grievance to The officer namely Mr. Ashutosh Dabral, having his mobile No. +91-9886799254, who works at the Registered Office of the Hush shall address the complaint/grievance within one month from the date of receipt of complaint/grievance. The officer concerned will make all the endeavor to address the grievance/complaint as per the law of land.