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6 Ways to be positive at work

Work can be one of the greatest places to be at or, at times, the very hell on Earth. There would be times when the workplace may seem like the last place you want to be at and the mere thought of going to work might feel soul-crushing. The negativity at work may creep up to you and slowly you may start avoiding the place altogether.

But the feeling of negativity and positivity are both influenced by your own perspective and your own attitude towards them can bring about the change you need. The following tips do help in instilling positivity despite the efforts of external factors to the contrary.

Don’t stop evolving

Stagnation at the workplace is one of the prime reasons behind the amplification of negativity. Do not let yourself fall into a rut, even if your job is highly mechanical by nature. Keep learning something new, try talking to people from different departments, try finding out more about your skills and upgrading them. Being busy and productive is the ideal way of dispelling the blues.

Set realistic goals

Setting unrealistic goals, not living up to them, and then beating yourself too hard about the failure leads to a vicious cycle of negativity which keeps snowballing. Try to set reachable targets, clear visions, and if needed, start small. Achieving said personal targets would not only give you a sense of accomplishment but would also boost your confidence, helping you uplift your spirits.


Quite often it happens that a particular setback brings you down. This low leads to another poor performance and another setback which brings you down even lower. The loop sucks you into a feeling of worthlessness and saps the energy out of you. Avoid this loop at all cost. The moment you feel that this cycle is setting in, break free. Go for a short vacation or take a couple of days off from work. It is better to recuperate and rejuvenate for a couple of days than to perform poorly without it.

Impose your identity

One way to get away from the depressing nature of work and to be positive at work is by reinforcing your own identity. Try to make your workspace more personal. Add a flower vase, a picture of your family, a logo of your favourite sports team or something like that. Redecorate your workplace so it reflects your individuality so that you feel safer and more comfortable in your work environment.

Company matters 

Negativity begets negativity. The people you hang out at work may have a great effect on your mood. A positive, encouraging company of peers helps one see things in a positive light while the company of highly critical colleagues may erode your self-confidence. Pick and choose your company carefully, they might be the difference that matters.

Smile, it works 

The greatest way, however, to be positive at work is to bring out positivity from within. No one can help you as much as you can help yourself. Smile, take it in your stride, look for the positives even if it doesn’t seem probable but make sure that your attitude towards negativity is not defensive. Tackle the situations head on and smile while doing it.

The positive effects would soon be as clear as daylight.

The thing about positivity is that it is infectious. The moment you start showing signs of positivity, others feel its warmth as well. These simple practices, therefore, can make you stand out. And if the whole world looks gloomy, you can be the first ray of sunshine.


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