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How to overcome a bad day at work

It happens to the best of us. A bad day at work is an inescapable asset of life. It might have begun badly and would have resonated throughout the day. You might not have slept well-enough the previous night, because biology fails us sometimes. And because of this massive fail, you’ll hit the ‘snooze’ button a few too many times. And thus, you’re late.  

Several things then begin to pile up and your chances for a good day jump off a window, waving you a sarcastic goodbye. And when you think what could get worse, work doesn’t go easy on you and dumps an incredible pile of responsibility on you.  

With so many things running in your head, how can the universe expect you to be productive even after all that you’ve been through? And it hasn’t even been half a day yet. What do you do though? To get back up on your feet, and to make yourself feel positive, even a little bit. After a hard day, there are only a few simple techniques. Simple, because these steps take into account all the things you’ve gone through in the day and make sure no more energy is invested in treating you. Simple, because sometimes, simple is what works. 

Spill it out

One of the most underestimated and underrated techniques to bring out all the sorrow of a bad day at work is to vent. Get your piled up stress out of you by venting to a trusted friend, who may also lend you a hand and listen to your every word. And who’s to say, he/she might even offer you words of wisdom that might aid you in your healing.  

Pull yourself out of the situation you’re in, and vent it all out from a different angle. Grab a cup of coffee and talk about how your day has been. It always works.

Go to the tunes

Music is a human’s healing element. Put on your headphones/earphones, wear something comfortable and listen to the music that gets you off your feet. It can be anything, maybe it’ll get you to smile and relish the beautiful sounds or it might get you to cry to let some frustration out. Even so, nothing can calm you down as much as music. Maybe dancing a little to the tunes can help too.

Watch something funny/cheesy

If you’re afraid to have some cheese in videos, then don’t be. We all have guilty pleasures and a guilty pleasure on a bad day is a must-have. Watch that super cheesy movie that you’ve been putting off, or watch a funny video to boost your morale up!

Laughing releases endorphins and boosts your body’s ‘feel-good’ feeling. Laughter, friends, is really the best medicine out there.


This might put you off but heed these words. Exercise actually helps in bringing your mind’s focus back to your body. You’re so focused on getting some movement done, that you barely think of what has been going on and what brought you down. 

Sweating it out indeed helps you take your mind off things. Even the bad ones.

Vent, in a different way

If you don’t feel like talking it out to anyone, write about what caused the bad day at work. Write about why the day’s been low or why you’ve been low. 

Write about everything that had gone wrong and what could have gone right. Throw all your emotions on paper and see the magic unfold, your words will automatically start lifting your spirit up—and you will feel better from the inside as you read your own words.  

You’ll also see that when it’s merely words on paper, it isn’t so bad. Maybe, you could handle it after all. Because, well, you’ve come this far.

Be grateful

It’s always important to count your blessings and not wish for extremes. Bad days are almost natural to life, however, you must never forget the good things that exist as well. Something might have gone wrong, but that doesn’t take away all the good in your life or all the things that went right. 

Remind yourself that you’re fortunate and privileged. And look at your bad day at work in a not so emotional way.

Do something nice for yourself

Bad days are terrible, but that gives us all more reasons to spoil ourselves. Grab a glass of wine or a nice drink you fancy, wear a fancy dress or suit, watch that movie you’ve been putting off because of work, call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, or go out partying with a bunch of good friends.

Do something that makes you feel good, from the inside.  

Ultimately, don’t forget those bad days are as common to people as a common cold. You’re fine, everything is in order—the day was bad. However, tomorrow is a new day. Make sure you start it right, eat something healthy, keep your life on track. Tell yourself, and this is important, that you’ve come this far and you can handle a bad day at work. It’s alright. You’re doing good. Don’t let a day bring you down. Because, after all, there can’t be a rainbow without some rain. 

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