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by JessicaCariappa

Lifehack — 2 second trick to clearing your inbox!

I have always been charged with the blame that my inbox is unstacked and is completely messed up. I have far too many mails that I have not read and probably will never read, and it keeps stacking up day after day.

The important mails that I should read, I have read and I don’t delete them because they are important. But there are thousands of mails that are absolutely useless and belong in the trash, but are not in the trash.

I have discovered a trick that can help me stack my inbox to perfection. It is something that each and everyone of us can follow, which is why I am writing this microarticle to share this piece of information with you all.

When you come across your own inbox which is uncategorized and is full of junk mail and mail that you will never ever read, you have to ask yourself if you are comfortable with that junk lying in front of you.

Our inbox page at least greets us more than five times a day, and the way it looks is in our hands.

So, let’s get to work and clear it up!

Every time you get a mail, repeat this mantra to yourself — ‘Next, next’; and clear a couple of emails from your folder as you get a mail. This will motivate you to clearing your inbox one step at a time, and you are in no hurry to get the job done right away.

By doing this, pretty soon, one day your inbox will be clean and stacked and in order; greeting you like a nice smile.

All the best to clearing your inboxes!

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