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How to choose a career

Selecting a career to define your purpose in life is the starting point of personal greatness.

So, how do you choose the right career? This is a big challenge that everybody faces, and they have it throughout their lives. The majority of working people, by their own admission, do not feel fully challenged by their current jobs. Getting into or staying at a job for which you are not ideally suited is not a good option. It can rob you of some of your most productive years. 

So if you find yourself in that position, it's a good thing for you to consider a new career path. It can be scary, but hopefully, with some guidance that decision will be more within your reach. 

Look into yourself 

First, before making any choices, you need to look into yourself and think about the things you like to do and the things that you are good at doing. Then it's time to ask yourself a key question—what is it that you enjoy doing? And what kind of job can you do that will allow you to do what you are enjoy doing?

Informational interviewing

The next step in this process is what is called informational interviewing. You do this by setting up informal meetings or coffee with prospective employers and people in the industry you've chosen. Then find out as much as you can from them about the business, their specific company, what position you have in mind and other aspects of that industry. This will supply you with a lot of information to make the decision process easier, as well as some contacts in the industry you've chosen. Networking sites like LinkedIn are a great way to reach people in a specific industry that you might want to meet with. 

Find a place to land

After you've gone through the informational interviewing process, it's time to find a place to land. And when you do, it's crucial to dedicate your whole heart to doing your job really, really well. When you commit to doing your job to the best of your ability, one of two things will happen. 

Trial and error

The first thing that might happen is you will find that this is the right career for you, which is rare in the beginning but will become more clear as you progress. Or you will find this not the right career for you, and that you need to continue searching. Either way, by putting your whole heart you're doing a really good job.

But whatever career you're trying out, you will find the answer to these questions much quicker than when you can come out the other side and decide if this is something that you can see yourself doing for the foreseeable future or not. If it's not, you simply repeat the process, finding a new job that you like and try it out. Until you find the right career that suits you.

There's a lot of trial and error involved.

One of your primary responsibilities to yourself is to select the kind of work that you enjoy and are best suited to do it is to find a job where you can use your natural talents and abilities at a higher level. Your duty to yourself is to work at something that gives you joy and satisfaction, you must find a job that brings out the very best in you. And that inspires you to want to become excellent at what you're doing. 

Selecting your major definite purpose in life is the starting point of personal greatness. These are strategies that will help you to choose a career. 

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