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A flip side to employee engagement

To bring a change in employee engagement — there is a need to reverse the lens of what organizations are looking for.

To bring in a new perspective — One that reverses the lens of what organisation are looking for in their employees. This new approach “flip the scripts” and is concerned with learning, from the employee’s perspective, which Hush — Speak Up. Make Work Better; an app provides. At Hush, employees can express candid opinions without any fear of recognition or judgment.

We use anonymity as a tool to facilitate real and honest workplace discussions. At Hush, we give employees the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns which can be heard through the barriers put down by the workplace. 

It is a platform, which totally changes the dynamics of employee engagement.

The importance of respect

Hush is a companion for the corporate workforce as respecting the opinion of every employee is utmost vital for us. 

Because jobs are often a central part of our lives as they tell who we are and how we perceive our self when we get respected in a professional setting, it gives us a signal of social worth.

When an employee joins an organization, they hope to build their identities over time, by nurturing professionally and becoming better versions of themselves.

As a recent study in Harvard Business Review points out, 

“ Employees who feel respected are more grateful for — and loyal to — their firms.”


Download Hush, a new mantra to employee engagement.

Originally published at www.medium.com on July 11, 2018.

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