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Easy Ways to Talk About the 5 Most Common Resume Gaps

Do you have a resume gap that is bothering you? Well, it can be sometimes a challenging aspect to overcome resume gaps and bag a job offer. But, if you are taking a positive approach, nothing can stop you to succeed. Seek the smarter ways of talking about your resume gaps.

The very phrase, 'resume gaps' can sound scary, especially when you are hunting for a new job. Whether you decided to travel, freelance, pursue higher education or took some time out for your newborn baby or you were not fit to do a full-time job due to medical reasons, resume gaps can happen to anyone. Resume gaps can also occur when you leave your job or get terminated by your employer.

Despite your resume gap due to personal reasons or due to any other reason, there are certain ways to address the issue in a positive manner and land with a lucrative job offer. Let us have a look at them.

You were on parental leave or looking after your child

Taking some time away from the office in order to nurture and raise your baby is a personal decision. This is also one of the most common reasons for resume gaps, especially among Indian women. It is a phase which is understandable and even acceptable by employers. Unfortunately, recruiters often don’t consider it appropriate in the competitive professional world for having a resume gap due to childcare.

There are women across the country who need to stay at home, even after the maternity leave gets over. In fact, due to lack of proper child care assistance, some have to quit the job for a few years till the child is old enough. This brings in a gap in their resume. You can turn the gap into a positive thing by taking up some distant courses or online courses that are easily available these days.

Pursue higher education in the midst of your career

In the midst of your career, it might pop up in your mind that you need to finish your degree that you left behind before joining the work. Furthermore, there might be an urge or the need to gain an extra certificate or experience. Pursuing an education is an acceptable reason for resume gaps. There are several candidates who resign their jobs in order to earn a degree in MBA, Ph.D. Or any other certifications. The internships and the training that you undertake in your study program or coursework can be included in the list of experience as well.

You devote yourself to your passion completely

Maybe you have the passion for writing or even traveling the world. There can be a gap of years of employment in your resume if you plan to pursue your passion. While explaining it to the recruiter you will be interviewing, you need to keep it very simple and plain. Don’t try to exaggerate things that everything appears to be scammed or fake.

In case, you have completed writing a book and even got it published, bring one copy for the recruiter as well. Tell him/her about the book and the content. On the other hand, if you have been traveling extensively, highlight the achievements like backpacked or traversed miles after miles across the Himalayan range.

Resolving your own health issues or problems

The majority of the hiring recruiters will not question for the time taken off in order to deal with any health issue. If you have genuinely been sick and was away from work resolving the health problem, the resume gap won’t be a very big issue. It is obvious that you must have the required medical certificates and other necessary documents supporting your scenario. You have to explain your health factor for the resume gap in one or two sentences, including the date of your leave. You can mention it right at the top of the experience section. Once you are done with it, you need to dive in your skills and experiences right away.

Freelancing in your own field or any other related field

There might come a phase in your professional life when you would want to be your own boss. Often the 9 to 5 jobs in India are just in theory. In reality, you have to actually devote a lot more time in the office, and this can be quite tedious sometimes. Due to the long working hours, you tend to miss out the big and small moments in your life. You are unable to devote time to your family, friends and even yourself.

Hence, candidates often opt for freelancing where they have the opportunity to work from their home at their convenient time. You can do freelancing directly from any company or an individual. Freelancing is often not considered as a work experience. But, you can always cover your resume gaps by showing or proving your freelancing work.

Be positive and honest

It is true that resume gaps can be an obstacle in your career growth. The hiring recruiters become very cautious about it. But, it doesn’t mean in any way that your career is finished and you will never be hired by anyone. You need to address your resume gaps in a positive manner, and it is also important to be bitterly honest about the breaks you have taken and explain in a clear and simple manner. Believe it or not, you can totally transform your resume gap flaw into a personal branding. 

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