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Do more by doing less!

The other day, a bunch of friends of mine and I were discussing about how busy we’ve become in our lives now. So my friend introduced me to this guy named Greg McKeown, and he’s written this book called “Essentialism: The Disiplined Pursuit of Less”, and it talks about things that we’ve all thought about, but we’ve never actually done it.

Essentialism basically follows the idea of going after what we ‘need’ and not ‘want’. And we basically hunt down what’s essential for us and chuck everything else out of the window.

So, this sounds well and good and easy and all, but it’s actually quite difficult in practice. I won’t deny it, but I’m a people-pleaser, and it’s not because I want to manipulate anyone or anything. It’s just that I can’t be rude to anyone and I see people and I see that I can’t say no too well. I know personally for me it is something I should work on and learning to say no is super important.

So, basically this books says that by following essentialism we don’t necessarily have to get many things done, but the right things need to be done. And just for the name of it, we don’t have to do less. By doing the right things that we need only, we’re giving ourselves so much more time to do the needful.

So start by doing three simple things: first evaluate what you need, and second, you eliminate what you don’t need; by avoiding saying yes to everyone around you and focusing primarily on yourself, and execute it to perfection. 

If you wanna succeed, then you have to take action and this step is just that! Act! This includes letting go of people pleasing behavior as well.

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