Hush | Community for employees
What is the Hush all about?
It is a platform ( mobile app + website) to help people getanswers for all their career and workplace-related queries. Thecommunity of users on Hush help each other move up in theircareers. Hush can be used to get and give career advice, findother career related contents and to connect with otherprofessionals.
What can a user get from the Hush Platform?
Hush is a place where a user can get help for all their career and workplace issues or can help others. They can find out information about salaries, culture and other details about various companies. They can learn how to handle their career better by reading the content posted by other employees and also find people to network with. It is a platform built for employees and aims to make their work life better.
Can a user be Anonymous on the Hush Platform?
Yes. Every time a user contributes to the Hush platform i.e. ask a question, write an answer, write a comment etc. they can chooseto do it Anonymously or with their True Identity.
People are sometimes afraid to ask tough career questions with their True Identity so Hush allows them to ask questions Anonymously also.
Why do you need official email id?
In order to verify that the user is actually an employee of the company they claim to be working in, we ask for the official email id. A one time code is sent to this id. Only users who complete this action successfully are granted access to their company community.
How do I report some content or user on the platform ?
If you want to report any content on the app you can send an email to [email protected]