when employment, job titles and other facts changes

Sharing my personal experience with you. When I joined my ex company as a fresher I faced some troubles initially. My career start was with testing profile. When I got my first job the recruiter explained my profile which I was looking for, it felt like a smooth ride.
when I joined the company the only thing I was doing was checking excel sheets, little bit here there but nothing related to testing.
My disappointment started to hit the floor when few months passed by and still nothing real I was doing .
I spoke to my HR thinking she would be able to assist me but it was a disappointment.
The work which I was doing was not giving me self satisfaction, my bank account was getting updated with time, but still that happiness was not moving in.
Months passed by, but my probem was intact .
I discussed my problem with my mentor and one wise thing she told me which I felt like sharing here.
she told me: It's not a new thing which I am going through , it happens to everyone. Even if I plan to shift to another company their is no guarantee of not happining this again there. You can not even use this as reason for quiting to other companies. Each company has same protocol to function.
You have to go through this SH*T by yourself , find your way out to it .

And indeed she was correct , later I started interacting with my bosses, colleagues and today I am at good position enjoying ever bit of it .

Nagging will not be helpful atleast in big company , better take action towards it .
karma · Capgemini
447 days
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