The sad story of Infosys employee
Every since I have joined the Infosys, being from a different Engineering background, I have always thought like, its going to ruin my career. I always wished not to earn crores but still to satisfy my basic needs and lead a happy life without the help of others. Still now figuring out suggestions from our mates what else to get started with. I really fear on starting my own business alone coz I don't have any experience in it, but longing to start it up one day. I tried of getting into govt. jobs once but, again my kind changed and finally stood upon one goal. To start a business that must be a trust worthy and loyal without the attitude of any kind of malpractice. But, on looking upon the business demands, its been far outreach as at least one in 10 have started a business/startup in my locality. Very few works for wages. This trend is getting higher and higher with a lot of competition. This again put me under frustration on how to get on hold on what I want to become. I have many ideas but still, I don't know how to implement them in real-world time. Reading the success stories of entrepreneurs give me a boost but, I lack self-confidence. With just one hope of God's grace, I still believe one day I will become what I wish to. But want to get hands on it soon. Your valuable suggestions please on what I must do further!!"
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