Senior Software Engineer @ Vokal

Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Location: Bengaluru
Experience: 2-8 years
Salary: INR 15-30 LPA

About Vokal

Only 10% of India speaks English and 90% speak over 25 languages and 1000s of dialects. The internet has largely been in English. A good part of India is now getting internet connectivity thanks to cheap smartphones and Jio. The non-english speaking internet users will balloon to about 600 million users out of the total 750 million internet users in India by 2020. This will make the vernacular segment one of the largest segments in the world - almost 2x the size of the US population.

The vernacular segment has very few products that they can use on the internet. Information and knowledge is one of the biggest needs of anyone that gets access to the internet. Most of the information and knowledge has been shared in English. Hence 90% of India remains underserved for their info and knowledge needs. Vokal is trying to solve this problem with its uniquely Indian solution.

Vokal is a vernacular platform where some of the best brains of India share their knowledge with the common man in their own local language. They share this knowledge by answering questions of users over video & audio. Vokal solves the problem of access to info & knowledge for 600 million non-english speaking Indians. Users can speak out their question by voice and the speech to text converts their question to text. This text is then auto tagged and algorithmically matched to the most probable answerer who gives the response in voice / video.

Vokal is working on some of the most interesting vernacular tech issues. Be a part of creating history by building tech for the largest underserved and one of the most complex consumer segments in the world!

Technology stack at Vokal compromises of a wide variety of cutting edge technologies like Elixir, Java 11, Reactive Programming, MongoDB, Neo4j, Kubernetes, AWS, NodeJS, Python, ReactJS, Redis, Aerospike, ML, Deep learning etc. Work hard & party harder is the mantra that we believe in.

Technology skillsets required for a matching profile

1. Work experience between 2 years to 8 years in building large scale high user traffic consumer facing applications.
2. Extremely proficient at writing performant, scalable and production ready code in Java (8 or above, comfortable with concepts like lambda, streams, multithreading etc) or Golang. Should be familiar with static code analysis, code coverage and code reviews.
3. Experience with NoSQL DBs like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis or Aerospike is required. Knowledge of graph DBs like Neo4j is preferred.
4. Strong in algorithms, problem solving and data structures.
5. Knowledge of TDD and experience with building applications integrated with CI-CD pipelines (automated build, tests and deployments).
6. Exposure to micro-services with good understanding of logging and monitoring. Inter services communication. Should know how to handle multiple version of APIs.
7. Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes is desirable.
8. Desire to work in a fast paced startup.

Apply here: http://hush.company/jobs/271/
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