Plans For New Year

Drink leftover vodka and sulk about how life itself is pointless and how picking a random day to decide the Earth has completed yet another revolution around it's yellow dwarf is even more so.

Might stalk the FB profiles of all the women I rejected and all the women who rejected me and worry about how most seem to be doing so much better with love in their lives with random balding or already bald headed dudes while I sit here, working, alone, depressed and lost, albeit with a full head of hair.

Then again, I might see a few others posting the same old scary slefies, and wonder if we should have committed to each other because none of us is getting any younger, and it's not like we could attract someone way out of our league anyway.

On then to fantasizing about the end of humanity itself because all we seem to do is breed, destroy the planet, disagree with each other and be all round assholes in general.

By this time the onslaught of stupid "Happy New Year" messages will start, and I mechanically reply to those who bothered to wish me. Because even though I'm dead inside, the act of replying gives me hope that the embers of humanity, true humanity are still burning somewhere.

What's the point of this post? It's mostly cathartic, but if are a few lonely fucks out there who feel the same... I feel you brother!

Hope you can see others feel like you too, and atleast in that perverse way, you are not alone.
suppandi · Ola
452 days
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