Operations Manager @ MedCords

Designation: Operations Manager
Location: Pune
Experience: -NA-
Salary: INR 8-15 LPA + Equity

Some of your major responsibilities will be :
1. Building a robust network of Service Partners across the Rural territory
2. Defining various Operational SOPs in order to streamline the work structure
3. Driving growth with a vision to develop MedCords into a go-to-platform for all Health related requirements
4. Coordinating with the Product Team on a regular basis to get the operational requirements implemented in the Product
5. Spearheading the On-boarding of Doctors on the Platform and also, making sure that they remain Active on the same
6. Leading the critical exercise of Patient Awareness by planning, strategizing and executing various Promotional campaigns
7. Ensuring a high and continuous engagement with various stakeholders involved i.e.the Patients, Doctors as well as the Service Partners
8. Supervising hard and soft-skill training of all the Service Partners so as to maintain Service uniformity as well as Data Sanctity

We need someone who is really motivated by the vision and not looking at it as merely a job. Since you will be a part of the core team, we will have trust in you and will look up to you to take ownership & responsibility and work with the founders to help Medcords reach new milestones.

Apply only if you want to work in a fast paced environment and not just looking for a typical 9 to 5 job!

We are hiring urgently so the process will be quick!

Apply here: http://hush.company/jobs/98/
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