Manager always in favor of poor performers: normal?

Before I start: I’m not directly involved in this situation, so please don’t reply that I’m jealous or similar. This is truly a situation I’m observing at work in another team.

There is a team of about 10 people with 2-3 high performers and 7 very low performers: they have experience on paper but they are terribly unable to execute and solve problems on their own, they basically require so much handholding for everything that it was said to me the team would literally be more productive if those 7 people would just disappear and all the work was handled solely by those 3 productive people.

The problem is that the manager doesn’t see it that way: he is incredibly supportive of the low performers, and actually warns the high performers to be team players and spend all their time just following the others. Whenever they try to make a comment about this, he says “I don’t want to hear complaints about the other people of the team, just make it work and properly mentor people”.

During team meetings, the manager is so nice and empathetic towards the low performers, while being dismissive of the other ones. Mind you, these productive people are not jerks, I know them and they are really nice and approachable Senior engineers who enjoy getting stuff done. It’s as if the manager isn’t even contemplating the possibility that the other folks could really actually be bad performers and need to be removed from sucking everybody’s time.

These high performers (my friend is one of them) are terribly frustrated by this and are looking to quit the company altogether because they don’t feel productive at all, they just feel they’re wasting all their time on these other folks.

Situation hasn’t improved in 4 months.

Has this happened to you? Do you think the manager is in the wrong here or not?
B0rnc0nfused · Wipro
23 days
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