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Ways your boss is hurting you

Terrible bosses are a stereotype, but a reality. One must always be aware of the ways a boss can hurt you or is hurting you. Find out here!

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Ways your boss is hurting you

A toxic boss is a nightmare. For those who do not relate, it’s definitely a blessing, but for those who do, a toxic boss can suck the very life out of you and make your work-life a practical hell. However, they are not hard to spot so one can notice the red flags early on itself.

Toxic bosses are filled with a sense of narcissism and are most often hypocrites. They’re control freaks who want to make sure everyone working under them knows who’s boss. If you spot any of these signs in your boss, you may try to just bear with it and live with it as long as it doesn’t directly harm you. However, you can only manage to ignore it till the attention turns to you. And then when it does, your work life will eventually turn out to be hell.

Toxic bosses impact their employees very negatively and are considered a primary cause for stress. However, this can be avoided and evaded in a finer way so as to not let it affect your work. To make do with such a lifestyle can be challenging, but not impossible. Here’s how you can cope with a toxic boss.

#1. If your boss causes you to lose your mental energy

A toxic boss can suck out the mental energy from you like a sponge sucks in water. Everyone needs to be mentally stable and strong to carry on with day-to-day activities, even if it means just getting out of bed. Knowing you have a toxic boss who makes everything much harder than it should be can pretty much prevent you from wanting to get out of bed.

However, in order to get control over this situation, one must try and remain calm. Do things that make you feel good about yourself or stay positive. Detach from your work whenever you’re not working and whenever you can afford to, and think of why you are working in the first place. There’s more to life than just your work.

#2. If your boss causes you to lose sleep

Sometimes, your toxic boss can make you sleepless. This can be caused by several factors such as stress and worry. Dealing with a toxic boss can mess with your sleep cycle more than one can imagine. And when a person is a sleep-deprived, their ability to respond to such toxicity can become very challenging.

Nevertheless, when you are unable to sleep at night because of work, try to use some sleep hacks to help you go to bed. Read a book or do something therapeutic like coloring. Give yourself ten minutes of time in the day to do some yoga or meditate, before bed.

#3. If your boss makes you feel lonely

We are all social creatures in dire need for interaction. Precisely why we live in a community and interact with one another as a society. However, if your boss is displaying toxic behavior to you, your colleagues might cut contact with you in fear of receiving the same treatment from the boss. This can be quite depressing, however, inevitable. This fact can lead anyone to feel isolated and lonely, which can, in turn, result in insomnia and stress.

Developing workplace relationships are essential—these are people with whom you spend most of your day with. This can also assist in the growth of your career. To build such relationships with your colleagues, one should try and be humble and grateful—be polite and display cordially good behavior with them. You must be a good listener if you want them to listen to you, and can also arrange meeting them after work as well.

#4. If your boss makes you feel out of the zone

If you have a toxic boss, boredom is not far away. Not only are you terrified of ruining their mood, but you are also bound to feel stuck in the same place. This leads you to become bored with your work and your workplace. This can take away your motivation and the basic will power that lets you perform better at tasks that are assigned to you.

This is a sign of career-sabotage, and can definitely not be helpful for anyone looking forward to excelling in their field of work. Bored employees end up abusing others and lose interest in tasks midway, leading to the tasks’ failures.

However, to use this to your advantage, one must stop looking at boredom in a negative light. Boredom can sometimes spark your next greatest idea. When your mind is running on what’s mundane, let it build more innovative ideas, set important goals that you’d want to achieve and find out what you need to do in order to make sure they are met.

#5. If your boss makes you afraid

This is the most basic of feelings that one feels when they have a toxic boss. Having a toxic boss presents the employee with a fear that they can’t quite explain. And the minute you enter the office, you’re bound to feel that worry seep in. You might even be afraid of being picked out or targeted, and there eventually is a fear of being laughed at by your colleagues. This fear might eventually lead to your career being ruined.

It’s impossible to be productive when you’re this afraid. This fear goes on to damage your mind and mental faculties and can leave your feeling handicapped. You will not be able to make the right decisions when it comes to working, and it will invariably affect your productivity.

However, there are several methods to tackle this fear and get past it. If you are afraid of failure in life or in your career, you must first figure out what they are and learn to control them. This will invariably allow you to stop overthinking on things that you inevitably have no control over.

A toxic boss can ruin your desire to get to work. However, this is not the end of the world. It’s good that you do not have to be friends with your boss, and although this is a difficult situation, it is not an improbable one.

You can get past this, and you can continue to excel. However, if it continues to haunt you, it’s best you think of changing jobs. If you do not wish to switch jobs, then follow these steps. Take care of your mental health, and stay strong. There is nothing you can’t handle that you already haven’t before. You are not alone.

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