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[Off The Beaten Path] Arun Antony: A former IT Professional who found his calling in UX design and is now the Director of UX at a startup


Arun Antony’s initial career choices would be viewed as successful by conventional Indian society. But, he chose the road not taken and became a stay-home-dad to his daughter. Only to realise that he craved to be a UX designer

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Common misconceptions of a UI designer


UI designers are often confused with UX designers. Here's what they do and who they are!


Common misconceptions about UX designers


A UX designer is understands to strike the right balance between user experience, how to make profits, and how comfortable you are with technology.

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UI/UX Designer: All you need to know!


In the era of tech and communication, the way we present data or content becomes essential for the success of a product. Here's more on the nuances behind this ideology—the UI and UX design principles.