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Common misconceptions of a UI designer

UI designers are often confused with UX designers. Here’s what they do and who they are!

misconception about UI designer

Common misconceptions of a UI designer

One of the facets of web development is the User Interface (UI) design. There is a lot of confusion over what it means to be UI designers. UI designers primarily focus on creating that great first impression. They ensure that the users like the app or website that they are working on.

UI design mainly focuses on designing software interfaces with increasing efficiency, responsiveness, and the aesthetical aspect as well. With growing misconception about UI designer, this article attempts to remove a few. Most often, UI design is mixed up with UX design, because of the similarities in their name and related streams. However, no matter how involved UI and UX areas are with one another, they are not the same.

Here are some common myth or misconception about UI designer:

UI and UX are not the same

One of the most heavily misunderstood concepts is when people confuse UI and UX for being the same thing. They are not the same, however, people have known to use it interchangeably, while referring to an interface. This can include the buttons, fields, screens, fonts, and colors as well. UI deals with the interface, however, UX does not. The name signifies what each design aspect focuses on. However, UX does deal with some of the interfaces, but it primarily attends to other aspects of design as well.

It is not easy

Another misconception about UI designer that it is an easy job. But, this is completely untrue. Even with simple interface design, UI tends to have a lot of work gone behind it, however simple the look may be. A lot goes into creating and putting it out there—whether it’s how the interface looks and what has gone into making it as well.

Withholding less important information is not a good idea

We can think that some information that isn’t absolutely necessary can be hidden, however, for good UI, you will need to think of the appropriate spacing, typography, color needed to position and align the content accordingly. Hiding controls or information that is less important will lead to the interface with a bad UI.

It’s not our design

UI designers are creating the design for an interface that belongs to a company. These designers were paid to create the design for the interface. Therefore, the company has every right to dictate the movement of the designers. If the employers do not like your design, they have all the right to make you change a few aspects of it that they disapprove. Business owners can lay out what they expect and even if it does not coincide with your ideas, you have been paid for it, therefore it is not your design.

Misconceptions arise about these areas because of a lack of knowledge on how these things work, and also because of the advancements in technology and the internet. These job titles are much wider than the name itself. With a little background knowledge about how these titles work—whether related to the user interface or user experience—these misconceptions can be pushed aside and the roles can be given the proper understanding that they deserve.

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