Manager’s Guide: how to connect with your employees

When and how to connect with your employees? How can you be friendly and still retain authority as a boss? Read along to find out!

how to connect with your employees

Manager’s Guide: how to connect with your employees

“I knew a friend who was an excellent game developer. Due to his impressive work, he received a promotion very early. He was made the manager of his team. Two weeks later, he gave away the title. He didn’t want to be a boss, he wanted to code.”

Not all developers want to be product managers, and not all designers want to be design leads. Being a manager means you become the individual who is responsible for everything his/her team does. With the hard skills, you need to implement good leadership and managerial skills as well

Although, with all the perks that come along with it, the role also might make you witness a lot of backbiting, disapproval, distance, accountability, and grievance from the team. Being a good boss is not easy. One of the important characteristic of which is being able to connect with your employees and creating trust amongst the team.

How do you connect with your employees in a friendly way and still retain authority?

Eat with them

Spend time with your team. You shouldn’t act like you are above them. They already know your designation and have been trained for it. Although, if you sit with them and spend quality time, they will respect more of your authority. Eat, chat, go for a cup of coffee, and crack acceptable jokes. When you know your employees better, you can lead them better.

Individual conversations

Make sure you have one-on-one conversations with them every once in a while. Most people tend to be more comfortable with individual conversations. If your employee is facing any issue in the company, give him/her the room to be able to talk about it. If you initiate individual conversations often, your employees won’t feel strange to do the same when they need to.

Show care about their personal life

This can get a little tricky. You don’t have to go beyond measures to show you care about them. Little things can make a lot of difference. If your personnel was working overtime on his/her birthday, you can arrange a cake in the office and celebrate for a few mins if he/she doesn’t mind. If an employee went to his hometown to see his sick parents, a small text message from your side asking about their health can mean a lot to him. Once your employees know you care, their coordination will automatically get better.

Appreciate your employees

Never forget to appreciate the team or individuals for their achievements. For this, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of all the members of your team. Something that is exceptional for one person to do, might be really easy for the other person. You need to assess them individually, without comparison. Only then will you know how to appreciate them.

Help them with clients

Long goes the saying, “Customer is always right.” Although, if the customer abuses your employees or treats them poorly, the customer should be fired instead. The client is paying you, sure. But that doesn’t give him/her the right to treat your employees badly.

If your employee tells you about any ill-behaviour by the client, step in and take charge.

Regular feedback on your expectations and project goals

First, make sure you set realistic expectations. Some bosses tend to get overexcited and set unrealistic expectations for the teams when they see them performing well. As a manager, you must know what can your team achieve and is okay with.

Always take feedback from the team. Whether it is the new work structure or a new project execution plan, make sure you know what is going on in their heads.


Being a boss maybe easy. Being a good one surely isn’t. Knowing when and how to connect with your employees can help you greatly in it.

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