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10 Ways to Make the Worst Impression at a Job Interview

We all learn with time- the art of interviewing. But, there exist a few rules, when followed, can help you minimise your mistakes during an interview. Let us dig deep into understanding them…

worst impression at a job interview

10 Ways to Make the Worst Impression at a Job Interview

There are several ways one can make the worst impression at a job interview. Sometimes, people don’t even realise what went wrong. Although, if you keep some instances in mind, you can prevent them from ruining your dream job interview.

#1 Punctuality

Arriving late at the job interview can leave a very bad impression. Try to reach the venue a few mins earlier than when the interview is scheduled.

What’s worse? Not showing up at all. Also, do not reschedule interviews on the same day it was scheduled.

#2 Attire asynchronous to company culture

If you don’t wear an outfit that resonates with the company culture, then it might leave a negative impression. Do not wear casuals to a corporate interview and formals to a start-up interview.

#3 Not selling yourself enough

Being modest is fine. Although, when you go to an interview, you need to market yourself. If you don’t try to prove to the interviewer why you are a good fit, he/she might interpret you as a candidate who is not interested to work for the company.

Also, selling yourself short might mean you are not confident about your own skill-set. The interviewer is not someone who has known you for long. A few mins or an hour is all he/she has with you. You should make it count and let him/her know as much as you can about you.

#4 Mistakes with the body language

Following are a few mistakes that candidates tend to commit involuntarily while sitting for an interview:

  • Yawning
  • Not smiling
  • Not making eye-contact
  • Bustling too much in the seat
  • Tapping or shaking the feet
  • Playing with the hair or any accessory
  • Playing with things on the table
  • Frowning
  • Looking down or away while answering a question
  • Not keeping an eye-contact
  • Crossing arms over the chest

Observe yourself time-to-time in the interview to avoid these errors.

#5 Checking your phone or clock

You should not check your phone in the middle of an interview. The texts can wait. If there is some emergency, ask the interviewer politely, talk outside and come back.

Staring at the clock can also be a put-off. Worrying about time can cast an idea of disinterest in the mind of the recruiter.

The interviewer has taken out the time for you our of his/her schedule. You should appreciate that.

#6 Not doing the homework

When you go for a job interview, make sure you have learned everything you can about the company. Have at least a few ideas about how you can contribute to the corporation. Knowing a fair bit about the organization will also help you ask some good questions, that might carve out a good image.

#7 Honesty is the best policy

Do not lie. If even one of your lies is caught, you are completely out of the game.  If you are anyway hired for a job you don’t have skills for, your employer will eventually know. Be honest and understanding, recruiters appreciate that.

Although, you shouldn’t always say what you really think. Answer diplomatically and turn things around

#8 Being impolite

Be nice and polite. Not just to the recruiter, but everyone. Your behaviour is noticed by the interviewer. Be it the receptionist, or the coffee guy, smile and treat them with respect. Also, when talking about your achievements, don’t appear arrogant. Be considerate and focus as much as you can on facts, not opinions.

#9 Disrespecting your colleagues

You should not talk ill of your last company. Be it your unbearable manager, or an annoying colleague, keep the negatives to yourself. Always show appreciation for your last employer.

#10 Not following up

You shouldn’t forget to follow-up. Take some time out, and send a thank you mail to the interviewer after you are back home. This lets them know you are really interested in the job and also leaves a polite impression. The employers might even accelerate the hiring decision because of your follow-ups.

If you keep the above aspects in mind, you can save yourself from committing some unforgivable blunders during a job interview.

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