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How to survive being an introvert in the corporate world

Being an introvert in the corporate world can be daunting, but there are ways to grow even in situations like these. Here is how to survive being an introvert in the corporate world!

introvert in the corporate world

How to survive being an introvert in the corporate world

Being an introvert in the corporate world can have many challenges. However, let’s first talk about what constitutes an introvert. Introversion is a personality trait that focuses on internal feelings than on external sources of stimulation. Basically, introverts are people who’d rather spend time alone than with other people.

Introversion is perhaps the least celebrated trait in the corporate world. It’s often misunderstood as being shy or closed off, and in some cases, rude too. It might even be misunderstood as someone who is awkward and fidgety, but actually—that’s not the case. The hustle and bustle of the corporate world can oftentimes be a rather rash and noisy environment for an introvert, who on the other hand prefers quieter and more mellow auras.

However, one cannot escape work-life, whether they are an introvert or an extrovert. Introverts have sometimes found positions that they love in the corporate world, despite the challenges. There are always several ways one can enjoy the most of out of their lives at work and become irreplacable, even if they are introverts. And it takes only a few steps to do so.

Here are ways introverts can survive, rather well, in the corporate world.


#1. Be yourself

It takes a great deal of mental energy for an introvert to interact with the outside world. However, it will drain them excessively faster if they choose to be someone they are not. You do not have to make the conversation all the time when it isn’t called for, and you do not have to smile all the time at everyone.

Yes, pretending can help you hold yourself well on one-on-one conversations, however, you will only begin to struggle if you are not yourself. This will lead to a faster burnout, and excessive stress builds up. Not to mention, you may feel anxious and dread the moments that you do pretend to be someone else. This is not recommended.

There are always chances that your boss may know you’re an introvert and will encourage you to expand or brush up your skills. If you are not yourself, then you can never become the best version of yourself at work.


#2. Hold your ground

Introverts are often intimidated when the attention is on them. There may come people who will look at your personality trait like it is a hindrance or a weakness, however, do not let this get you down. Remain confident, stay strong and hold your ground. People often misunderstand introverts to be cowards, prove them wrong.

If you hold your ground against conversation and people who underestimate you, and you continue to work to your best capabilities, people will understand a side of you that they perhaps hadn’t seen before. Not only will this reduce your stress and worry, but will ensure that your colleagues, who once put you down for being an introvert, will respect and notice your skills more.


#3. Do not stress

It is natural for an introvert to want to avoid social interaction. And it is also natural for them to complain and crib about it. Social interactions are a huge factor that causes stress for introverts, and especially when they do not feel comfortable and are forced to make conversation, it is an absolute nightmare.

However, do not feel stressed. This only means you will have to recharge yourself and have a glass of water or take a break. You will feel guilty about this, but you should not. Because, it is completely alright for one to want some alone time, even at work. Don’t beat yourself up so much.


#4. Make friends

It’s always hard for introverts to interact, and making friends would seem like a task for them. However, this does not mean they can’t make friends. Introverts can make friends that stick for a lifetime and in all honesty, introverts themselves are good friends and good listeners. Build good relationships with people in the workplace and interact as much as you can.

There will always be some people who share some of your viewpoints on things or your emotions. And with them, you can build a lasting friendly relationship that can help you feel less stressed and more belonged at work.


#5. Recharge your batteries

It’s important for every individual on the planet to recharge their batteries after a day at work. For an introvert however, it can take a lot more energy to interact and get through the day in a bustling atmosphere such as a corporate. However, recharging it as essential as getting up from the bed.

Your mental health can not only have an effect on your performance but your colleagues’ as well. This can affect your performance through the day, and your interactions as well. Whether it is for just ten minutes, it is important to step out and get some fresh air. Take a walk alone, listen to some music, relax and then come back to your desk. After you head back home, watch a movie alone or read a book. Bask in silence until you feel better about yourself.


It’s hard to survive in a noisy world as an introvert, but it isn’t impossible. It can be challenging but you can make it. Once you understand your own strengths and play along those, you’re good to go.

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