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How to Outshine Everyone on LinkedIn

What makes some people more popular on LinkedIn than others? What should you do to be better recognized on LinkedIn? Find out here.


How to Outshine Everyone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn as a social networking platform is a good place to market yourself. Everyone is on LinkedIn these days. And, why not? With the huge pool of opportunities and information that flows through this network, the chances of being seen and heard are immense.

Being a huge network, LinkedIn encompasses a variety of professional profiles. Some of which are more popular and credible than others. How do these profiles manage to become known on LinkedIn? Read along to find out:

Enhance your profile

First and foremost, make sure your profile is all set and complete. Trying to get an all-star should be your first target.

Add a photo

Upload a decent profile picture for start. Do not upload a wedding/birthday/beach holiday photograph. You don’t have to get it clicked in a photo studio, but it should look professional.

Also, make sure it is recent. If people are not able to recognize you through your profile picture, then it is the time to change the picture.


Make your headline as interesting and targeted as possible. Use buzzwords and jargons for the same. A writer in an entertainment industry could be called a “Storyteller”. A developer in the AI(Artificial Intelligence) community can say “Makes machines think”, and so on. Be creative, but specific.

Drop back from specifying your college degree details in your headline.

Profile Summary

Here comes a very important element of your profile. Keep it informative, precise, and interesting. Start with what you currently are and then share your experiences and stories if you wish to.

There are a lot of conflicting opinions in the market about whether the profile summary should be written in first person or third person. There is no specific answer to this, so choose what fits right for you. Although, whatever you choose, stick to it for the entire summary.

Other sections

A few points to remember for the rest of your profile

  • Add as many links as you can.
  • Be truthful.
  • Specify descriptions for your experiences and achievements
  • Add relevant skills.

You are here to market yourself as a brand. A brand needs to have some value to stick to. Find that value, and stick with it. Make it clear to your connections what you are here for. Are you here to connect with fellow developers/marketers/entrepreneurs? Or for knowledge? Or looking for job opportunities? Or for recruitment purpose? Or do you want to be an influencer?

Make sure your actions reveal exactly what you want from the platform. This helps people get a clear idea of you, and helps you portray yourself better.

Send regular status updates

Become regular with your status updates. If you don’t have anything to write about, consider the following hacks to have rich content for the same:

  • Share quotes from well-known influencers in your field. This tactic works best if the influencers you are using the quotes of, are alive and active on LinkedIn. Tag them whenever you share their quotes. If they are not contemporary, still give credits. Else, it might look like plagiarism.
  • Share news. The best way to do this is sharing a lot of news updates as one-liners bunched together as a status update. LinkedIn has a character limit of 1300 words, and thus, be very specific with the news updates. 
  • If you are to share links, make sure the sources are credible. Forbes, Economic Times, BBC News, are some of the credible news sources.
  • Write articles once in a while. You can write detailed news in these articles if you wish
  • Share posts by other influencers
  • Try to make use of images and videos. Multimedia is much more effective than texts
  • Do not send out too many status updates in one day. 2-3 posts per day scattered over a period of time is an ideal number.

Be mindful of your language

You can use jargons, sure. But, refrain from using offensive words and sentences. Do not burn bridges with other companies or ex-employees. Be constructive in your approach.

Also, be mindful of your grammar. If you have doubts regarding the same, use tools like Grammarly or Ginger.

Send customized invitations

There are a lot of chances that your invitations might be accepted by more than 50% of people you send the connect request to. But, that is not the point.

Getting more connections should not be your target, but getting quality connections.

Whenever you send a connect request to a potential connection, send a customized message with it. Specify who you are and why do you wish to connect with the individual. If you are not able to formulate a good reason, then specify why you are on the platform.

Also, do not forget to address the individual in the message. Always mention his/her name.

Endorse people for their skills

Endorsing people on Linkedin is a good way to get noticed. Although, do not endorse people you don’t know or haven’t worked with. It leaves a very naive impression of you.

That said, do not expect people to endorse you just because you endorsed them.

Look for quality recommendations

Recruiters won’t necessarily hire you for the number of recommendations you have from people. The credibility of your recommendations relies on two things:

Who is recommending

Make sure the person has worked with you in the past and is respected for his work across different workplaces.

What does your recommendation specify

It should be specific and should talk about your work in a manner that matters to the recruiters. “Fun, nice person and quality work” are not the adjectives that matter in a recommendation.

“Helped during the initial evolution of the product and helped us achieve 2000+ followers in 90 days! I would recommend him to anyone.” is the kind of recommendation you are looking for.

Always churn quality over quantity. And so, be targeted. Don’t go lurking everywhere on the platform, talking about everything. Good recommendations and endorsements help, yes. If you aren’t able to get any, it is okay. Keep connecting and exploring. Focus on the kind of value you are adding to the network. If you are creating some impact, you are moving into the right direction.

Tag relevant companies or people

Do not stop yourself from tagging different companies or people if any of your posts is directly related to them, even if it is Larry Page. Although, in cases when big influencers are involved, try to add a sentence that includes them rather than specifying them directly.

For example, if you share an article that talks about how Microsoft is about to come with a new product, and there is a statement by Bill Gates in the write-up, you can say-

“Bill Gates(tag) clearly stated that…..”

You can be as creative with your writing as you wish. One more thing to remember is- Only tag people/companies to posts when the post is directly related to them.

Respond to posts by other people

Do not fall short in commenting on the posts of other people who are already popular. It gets you noticed, as most people on social networking sites are content consumers rather than producers.

Talk to people

Sending our connect requests or even a customized message while connecting is not enough. Talk to people. Learn about their interests. Ask intelligent questions. If you found something interesting or helpful in someone’s post, tell them about it. Appreciate people for their achievements and engage in valuable conversations.

This helps you in the long run and also makes you understand your network better to put out better content in the future.

All the above bits of advice work best when you are regular on the platform and updated with the information on it. To leverage the most of LinkedIn, be on LinkedIn first.

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