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Should you be friends with your boss on social media?

Should you or should you not be friends with your boss on social media? A tricky question, indeed. Let us brainstorm through the pros and cons of the same.

friends with your boss on social media

Should you be friends with your boss on social media?

When you join a new company, it is obvious to want to connect with your new colleagues on social media. You try to know them better, their interests and experiences so that you blend in.

Social media rules this era. It is easy to know all of those details about your colleagues just by stalking their Facebook profiles. Although, when that colleague is your boss, things might get a little complicated.

‘What could possibly go wrong?’, you might ask yourself. Well, a lot of things. Let’s have a look.

You can’t tell lies

Let’s face it, we all lie at work sometime or the other. You can’t always tell your boss that your significant other is in town, or that you need a break from work. What if it wasn’t the kind of emergency that you told them it was? What if you had planned the whole thing in advance in order to get out of the workplace exactly at 02:00 p.m?

When your boss is connected with you on social media, and you go to post something cool about what you were lying about, you won’t be able to do it because it risks your boss seeing it.

Your reputation is at stake

Once your social media account is exposed to your professional crowd, it is no more personal. Even if they say it doesn’t matter what you post on social media, and it has nothing to do with your work-life, it does! 

You have to maintain a reputation or conduct. What is this doing to your right to express on your personal social media account if not ruining it?

The “Awkward” Moments

What if your boss tags you in a meme you don’t want to be seen in? Worse, he/she sends that meme to you in a message, you don’t want to respond to.

From the “Hey, sup!” message that you don’t want to reply to, or the “Should I like his/her photo or not” thoughts in your brain, the awkward moments can haunt you throughout your entire time on social media. This is a bit rare for bosses to do, but not inevitable. If you want to escape the awkwardness, better not connect with your boss in the first place!

Secret work-life exposure alert

Of course, your boss loves you and wants you to bloom, learn, and get better. Although, if he/she gets to know you are working two jobs, the thoughts might get different. You won’t be able to reply to the “freelancer required” posts on facebook.

You won’t be able to share the links of your work on different websites. Let’s face it, no matter how appreciative your boss might be of you trying new things, he/she will have the fact at the back of his/her mind that you are up to something else all the time. And it is not recommended to have such an opinion about yourself being formed at the workplace.

It gets difficult to let your heart out

You can’t just post any “I too hate my boss” memes on social media when you know your boss could be reading it. You can’t comment on posts by others cribbing about their work. Letting out your depression, your sadness could also be trouble, cause what if your boss is judging you and changes the perception of you after that?

So far, we have established the fact that being friends with your boss on social media might not be the best decision you make. Although, there are some pros to this as well. Let us have a look at them.

Showcasing your other skills

It is always recommended to have a versatile skill set to be appreciated more at the workplace. Maybe you work for a media company, and the fact that your manager knows you sing well because you uploaded a vocal video on social media, could help you get featured in any video being launched next.

Say you are a good writer or designer, and your profile requires you to design only. If your boss sees you post nicely written things on social media, he/she might want you to handle it as well.

Now, you are almost advertising.  Social media is the easiest way to make people know that you are capable of doing much more than what you are currently doing. And if your boss sees it, nothing could be better.


Similar interests/hobbies/opinions about something can make you and your manager bond better. This creates a healthy environment in the workplace, which keeps harmony in place.  

There could be a tonne other consequences of being friends with your boss on social media. Although, ultimately it is your call. Also, with so many customizable features available, it must be easy for you to manage the same.


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