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How empathy can help your company get ahead


Empathy in an organization is incredibly important for several reasons. Specifically, if a company wants to grow. Here is how empathy can help your company get ahead.

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Embracing the gig culture: Top 5 pros and cons of freelance work


From the most obvious merits to less addressed demerits, we evaluate the best and worst of gig economy jobs.

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5 tips that will help employees get to grips with the future of work


Rapidly evolving nature of work is pressurizing employees of all generations to remain indispensable.

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Returning to work after maternity leave: Tips to enable a smooth transition


From managing your emotions to delegating tasks, the transition to full-time work after maternity can be quite be challenging.

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7 simple facts about workplace stress that you did not know before


6 out of 10 employees experience increased workplace stress in leading global economies of the world.

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8 practical tips that will help you organise better when you work from home


Often the perks of working from home come with additional pressure to stay organized and focused.

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6 reasons why laughing at workplace is better for you


Laughing is one of the most sustainable intervention to reduce workplace stress and increase productivity of employees.

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Job burn-out: Sure-shot signs of workplace exhaustion


Work-related burnout is usually characterized by physical/emotional tiredness, cynicism and hampered productivity.