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5 Top-paying Companies for Data Scientists in India

· January 8, 2019

With this growing demand, data scientist has become one of the most sought-after job profiles. According to recent salary data from Hush, the average data scientist earns₹ 10,20,999 per year.

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50/30/20 : The golden rule to save money

· December 18, 2018

When a business or job security comes with uncertainty, saving your money becomes an absolute necessity.

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9 things you must negotiate other than salary

· December 6, 2018

There’s much more at stake than just your salary when it comes to negotiations. There are other things which could be of more value.

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5 best ways to manage your money effectively

· November 13, 2018

Five simple ways how you could manage your money effectively to enjoy the luxuries of the present, without compromising on financially secure future.

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How to negotiate your salary in 2019

· November 6, 2018

Salary negotiations could be a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. But, with the right techniques, you can actually get more than you expected.

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10 most important questions to ask while negotiating salary

· November 2, 2018

Salary negotiations could be tricky but there are a few crucial questions which you should be asking while negotiating your pay structure.

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10 ways to overcome emotions at the time of salary negotiation

· October 29, 2018

Emotions play a great role in decision-making and salary negotiations need you to be completely in charge of them to get the best deal.

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Terrified of starting salary negotiations? Here’s why you shouldn’t be scared anymore

· September 27, 2018

Negotiating an entry-level salary can be a nightmarish experience for many fresh graduates. However, polite, non-intrusive negotiation isn’t a bad thing, after all, say experts.

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8 tips that can help you  manage your salary better

· September 25, 2018

Taking time to manage your salary can really pay off as you can not only pay your bills on time but also save some decent amount of money.


Searching for a new job? Here are the hacks to negotiate a higher salary

· July 23, 2018

The basic prerequisite for a salary negotiation is some research. You’ll be in a better position to not only asking for what you want but to get it as well.