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How to manage several part-time jobs (without losing your mind)

· October 4, 2018

Managing several part-time jobs can become a daunting task. To become success is an art that you need to skilfully master.


The saga of shifting jobs: Why are millennials ditching conventional careers?

· September 13, 2018

Job hopping, as a term is synonymous with the generation of millennials. However, the reasons behind why an increasing number of youngsters are switching workplaces early in their careers remain less talked about. Millennials, also called Generation Y (born 1980–2000) are those youngsters who grew up in the era of technological revolution and entered the ...


Why organisations need to change the way they engage with the millennial workforce

· September 1, 2018

Being a millennial, today, comes with the baggage of assumption on the employer’s part. The assumptions include beliefs that millennials are spoilt, lazy, and the worst of all, entitled. The assumption that millennials aren’t ready to put in as much effort to succeed as the previous generation has given them a bad reputation which the ...