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Top 10 Reasons for Getting Laid Off

· December 17, 2018

Layoffs are usually not a sudden event. And these are the top 10 reasons which lead up to it.


It’s not always your fault: Dealing with stigma attached to job loss in India

· December 15, 2018

Irrespective of the reasons, the onus of job loss is inevitably on the employee.

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Why you should never feel guilty about losing your job

· December 11, 2018

If you lost your job, feeling guilty about it serves no purpose, finding a way ahead does.


How to say you were laid off on a job application

· December 10, 2018

To reveal that you were laid off could be tricky, but there are ways to say it in a better way.


How to Handle Getting Laid off

· December 6, 2018

Getting fired can is a sucker-punch! Here’s how you can handle it to soften the blow.