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How to negotiate with your boss to shorten the three months notice period?

· January 30, 2019

The three months notice period is starkly an Indian phenomenon that is most prevalent in the banking and IT industries. So, how do you negotiate with your boss to shorten the three months notice period? Here’s what you can do

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The most important things to do on your first day at work

· December 4, 2018

With some simple steps on your first day at work, you can give your best efforts and offer a good impression to colleagues on day one itself.

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How to manage several part-time jobs (without losing your mind)

· October 4, 2018

Managing several part-time jobs can become a daunting task. To become success is an art that you need to skilfully master.

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9 Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For A Job

· October 3, 2018

From finding one’s job monotonous to feeling underappreciated, there are a lot of reasons why people start looking for a new job.


Words and Phrases Keeping You From Getting Hired

· August 18, 2018

You feel that you have the perfect resume, the best recommendations, and also the experience needed for the work but still, somehow, you are not able to crack the interviews. There could be quite a few things going wrong, in such a situation, without you knowing and your choice of words or phrases may be ...