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How to negotiate with your boss to shorten the three months notice period?

· January 30, 2019

The three months notice period is starkly an Indian phenomenon that is most prevalent in the banking and IT industries. So, how do you negotiate with your boss to shorten the three months notice period? Here’s what you can do

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How to manage your work transition

· December 18, 2018

Changing workplaces can be both challenging and intimidating. But not when you learn to accept these changes as opportunities and grow with it.

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The most important things to do on your first day at work

· December 4, 2018

With some simple steps on your first day at work, you can give your best efforts and offer a good impression to colleagues on day one itself.

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9 things you should do while quitting your job.

· November 15, 2018

Regardless of the reasons for quitting a job, it is important to come out of the organization you have worked in with a cool head and without burning any bridges

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Here’s how you can double your salary in a job offer

· October 30, 2018

Salary negotiation is an art and while there’s no magic to it, you can actually double your salary if you follow these salary negotiation tips.

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How To Politely Turn Down a Job Offer

· October 24, 2018

The way you turn down an offer says a lot about your professionalism and there are ways of doing it with grace and poise

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Five Reasons why you should stop feeling guilty about leaving your job

· October 23, 2018

Leaving your job could come with a plethora of emotions, guilt being one of them. But you should not let yourself be dragged down by it and here’s why.

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12 Things You Should Not Do While Quitting Your Job

· October 22, 2018

You don’t get along with your boss or your co-workers? Are you unhappy with the job or is there something else? Whatever the reason might be for you to quit your job, there are things you should definitely not do while quitting, to maintain professional ethics.

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Easy Ways to Talk About the 5 Most Common Resume Gaps

· October 17, 2018

Do you have a resume gap that is bothering you? Well, it can be sometimes a challenging aspect to overcome resume gaps and bag a job offer. But, if you are taking a positive approach, nothing can stop you to succeed. Seek the smarter ways of talking about your resume gaps.

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9 Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For A Job

· October 3, 2018

From finding one’s job monotonous to feeling underappreciated, there are a lot of reasons why people start looking for a new job.