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Job Interview

Product Manager Interview: How to tackle difficult questions

· January 2, 2019

Product management job interviews are tough. In order to crack a product manager interview, one has to practice it beforehand.

Job Interview

Thinking on your feet: How to answer difficult questions in a job interview

· December 7, 2018

These tips will help you think on your feet and answer all questions with ease and confidence:

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How To Politely Turn Down a Job Offer

· October 24, 2018

The way you turn down an offer says a lot about your professionalism and there are ways of doing it with grace and poise

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9 Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For A Job

· October 3, 2018

From finding one’s job monotonous to feeling underappreciated, there are a lot of reasons why people start looking for a new job.

Job Interview

The three questions recruiters expect you to answer during a phone interview

· August 1, 2018

Phone interviews can be tricky for a lot of people as the absence of visual cues makes you unsure about your own response.