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Communication Lifehacks

How to survive being an introvert in the corporate world


Being an introvert in the corporate world can be daunting, but there are ways to grow even in situations like these. Here is how to survive being an introvert in the corporate world!

Job Search

How to Outshine Everyone on LinkedIn


What makes some people more popular on LinkedIn than others? What should you do to be better recognized on LinkedIn? Find out here.

Startups or Bigger companies : How to decide?


A startup or a bigger company? Know what's the right choice for you by understanding a few aspects of both work cultures!

Co-Worker Layoffs Relationship

Best ways to react when a colleague tells you that they were fired?


If your colleague choses to confide their expulsion with you, your reactions could make your break their hearts.


Know your co-worker without talking to him/her


How can you know everything about a co-worker without talking to them? Here are a few tricks that might help you with the same!

Co-Worker Communication

How to tell a colleague they screwed up


It's always awkward to be in a position to tell your colleague that they screwed up. However, here are some safe ways to tell your colleague they screwed up, without being rude or feeling superior!

Co-Worker Communication Relationship

How to handle a difficult peer at work


There are difficult coworkers no matter where we go. And sometimes, they can get to your nerves and handling them can be a hassle. Here are a few ways to handle a difficult peer at work!


Manager’s Guide: how to connect with your employees


When and how to connect with your employees? How can you be friendly and still retain authority as a boss? Read along to find out!

Communication Mental Health Work Culture

How empathy can help your company get ahead


Empathy in an organization is incredibly important for several reasons. Specifically, if a company wants to grow. Here is how empathy can help your company get ahead.

Career Advice Co-Worker

Types of annoying coworkers


There are 12 types of annoying coworkers we all face in our work-lives.