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How to get better at receiving feedback

· February 6, 2019

It's always a challenge to accept being told that you need to improve. Sometimes, the words used might hurt us. Here are some sure fire ways to get better at receiving feedback!

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Ways your boss is hurting you

· January 17, 2019

Terrible bosses are a stereotype, but a reality. One must always be aware of the ways a boss can hurt you or is hurting you. Find out here!

Career Advice Communication

Being a good-ish person: Here’s what it means

· January 14, 2019

Being a 'good-ish' person means more than just being timid. There is a whole lot of understanding involved in resolving biases at the workplace. Here's what being 'good-ish' means.


How to be more assertive at work

· July 26, 2018

Assertion does not mean being rude, it does not mean trampling over the rights of your fellow co-workers and it definitely does not mean throwing tantrums when your wishes aren’t fulfilled