Data Scientist

5 Top-paying Companies for Data Scientists in India


With this growing demand, data scientist in India has become one of the most sought-after job profiles

Boss Career Advice

4 ways you can deal with an unpredictable boss


Figuring out exactly why your boss is having a mood swing can be a tough task. So, here are a few ways you can deal with an unpredictable boss.

Job Interview

9 Interview tips to help you ace your next job interview!


Job interviews are always critical. These tips will help you think on your feet and answer all questions with ease and confidence.


Common things people say at work and what they actually mean


Here are some examples of what people say at work and what they actually mean!!!

Design Off The Beaten Path

[Off The Beaten Path] Arun Antony: A former IT Professional who found his calling in UX design and is now the Director of UX at a startup


Arun Antony’s initial career choices would be viewed as successful by conventional Indian society. But, he chose the road not taken and became a stay-home-dad to his daughter. Only to realise that he craved to be a UX designer

Performance Review

Performance Improvement Plans(PIP): A gold standard HR tool or an easy way to get rid of white-collar employees?


Performance Improvement Plans (PIP), meant to be a well-organized procedure of boosting delivery outcomes, is dreaded by all employees alike.


Manager asked on Hush if employee should be fired for taking sick leaves, got blasted instead


The idea of ‘being the boss’ is often misrepresented and misunderstood by those who carry the title. And by every means, it’s quite annoying indeed!

AMA Career Advice

[AMA with Hush] “The vision of the team and disruptive approaches can be a thing that attracts the best people,” says Shamik Sharma, GM Cult.Gear


Shamik Sharma, GM at Cult.Gear, talks about tech, products, start-ups and more at the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the Hush platform.

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How to write professional resignation emails


It is very crucial that you write professional resignation emails in a polite manner. They should have all the information regarding your resignation.

How to write a good self appraisal


The appraisals season is around the corner. You are soon going to be asked to write a self-appraisal. We are here to guide you into writing a good one!