5 Top-paying Companies for Data Scientists in India

· January 8, 2019

With this growing demand, data scientist has become one of the most sought-after job profiles. According to recent salary data from Hush, the average data scientist earns₹ 10,20,999 per year.

Job Interview

Product Manager Interview: How to tackle difficult questions

· January 2, 2019

Product management job interviews are tough. In order to crack a product manager interview, one has to practice it beforehand.


The power of being anonymous

· August 19, 2018

To resolve the issue at the workplace, can bringing anonymity to the workplace could help you to share the “real you” with others?

Employee Engagement

A flip side to employee engagement

· August 16, 2018

To bring a change in employee engagement — there is a need to reverse the lens of what organizations are looking for. To bring in a new perspective — One that reverses the lens of what organisation are looking for in their employees. This new approach “flip the scripts” and is concerned with learning, from ...

Work Culture

Problems of the Indian workforce

· July 8, 2018

Indian workforce has the largest and youngest anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, the problem of the country’s workforce is that they are not equipped to create more and better jobs The Indian workforce is growing every single day. Yet, the work culture in the corporate world has gone for a toss. It is somewhere in ...