Co-Worker Workplace

Best ways to maintain a healthy professional relationship with co-workers


Healthy professional relationship with co-workers is vital for your personal growth, performance at work and mental health.

Job Search

How to manage your work transition


Changing workplaces can be both challenging and intimidating. But not when you learn to accept these changes as opportunities and grow with it.

Lifehacks Money Salary

50/30/20 : The golden rule to save money


When a business or job security comes with uncertainty, saving your money becomes an absolute necessity.


How can you become a millionaire in the next five years?


Becoming a millionaire isn’t just luck, it takes some planning and effort. The road is filled with obstacles, but the end of the road means greatness.

Career Fresher Salary Negotiation

Steps on how to negotiate salary during campus placement


Campus placements are filled with a high of wanting to achieve and an aura of nervousness. And negotiating salary? Phew.

Job Interview

Thinking on your feet: How to answer difficult questions in a job interview


These tips will help you think on your feet and answer all questions with ease and confidence:

Fresher Job Search Jobs

The most important things to do on your first day at work


With some simple steps on your first day at work, you can give your best efforts and offer a good impression to colleagues on day one itself.

Money Salary

5 best ways to manage your money effectively


Five simple ways how you could manage your money effectively to enjoy the luxuries of the present, without compromising on financially secure future.

Jobs Millennials

How to manage several part-time jobs (without losing your mind)


Managing several part-time jobs can become a daunting task. To become success is an art that you need to skilfully master.

Career Career Advice

6 Ways To Make Yourself Irreplaceable At Work


The fear of being ousted from your company looms large, making yourself irreplaceable at work is the only solution to secure your job.