Career Advice Co-Worker Communication

How to say ‘no’ at work


Saying 'no' at work can be a hassle. But, there are ways you can do so without it being awkward. Here are some ways to say 'no' at work!

Co-Worker Communication

How to handle an overly chatty colleague


There's always that one really chatty colleague that takes most of our time at work away! They can be annoying and a hassle to handle. Here's how to handle an overly chatty colleague!

Career Advice Communication Feedback

How to get better at receiving feedback


It's always a challenge to accept being told that you need to improve. Sometimes, the words used might hurt us. Here are some sure fire ways to get better at receiving feedback!

Boss Bullying Communication Mental Health

Ways your boss is hurting you


Terrible bosses are a stereotype, but a reality. One must always be aware of the ways a boss can hurt you or is hurting you. Find out here!


Morning habits of least successful people


Not all of us are successful, and not all of us want to be. Let's enjoy being normal! Here are a few morning habits of least successful people!

Career Advice Communication

Being a good-ish person: Here’s what it means


Being a 'good-ish' person means more than just being timid. There is a whole lot of understanding involved in resolving biases at the workplace. Here's what being 'good-ish' means.

Career Developer

All you need to know about Backend Developer


Backend developers work like the backbones to software or product. Here's how!

Career Developer

Who is a front end developer?


Who is a front-end developer? And what do you need to know to become one? Find out here!

Career Design

Common misconceptions of a UI designer


UI designers are often confused with UX designers. Here's what they do and who they are!


Misconceptions about being a data scientist


Who is a data scientist? Definitely not what you think they are. Bend the myths here.