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Work Culture

Embracing the gig culture: Top 5 pros and cons of freelance work


From the most obvious merits to less addressed demerits, we evaluate the best and worst of gig economy jobs.

Career Advice Technology Upskilling

5 tips to plan your career growth in the era of automation


Automation is set to redefine the conventional job market by creating new, long-term opportunities for people with varied skill sets.

Career Career Advice

Job v/s Career: Key differences that will help you plan your professional growth


Employees having a job-centric approach are essentially different from those having a career-centric approach to crafting their professional growth.

Entrepreneurship Gig Economy

5 ways in which working for a company differs from working for yourself


While working for an organization comes with fixed pay and benefits, working for oneself is characterized by a greater degree of freedom and flexibility.

Upskilling Work Culture

5 tips that will help employees get to grips with the future of work


Rapidly evolving nature of work is pressurizing employees of all generations to remain indispensable.

Women at the Workplace Work Culture

Returning to work after maternity leave: Tips to enable a smooth transition


From managing your emotions to delegating tasks, the transition to full-time work after maternity can be quite be challenging.

Employee Benefit Entrepreneurship Work life Balance

How to manage working on passion projects while keeping a regular job


Pursing side projects is no easy task for it involves learning new skills and managing time better.

Work life Balance

9 ways to disconnect from work after office hours


Effective use of off-work time can lead to lesser stress and better life satisfaction.

Gig Economy

Online job: 5 tips that can help you score great freelance jobs


Many people are taking advantage of digital platforms to land in professional freelance work.