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Why startups need to focus on building a harassment-free workplace

· January 4, 2019

Startups are moving such a breakneck pace no one has the time to focus on “low priority”  and compliance with the Sexual Harassment Act falls in that bracket

Salary Salary Negotiation

How to negotiate your salary in 2019

· November 6, 2018

Salary negotiations could be a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. But, with the right techniques, you can actually get more than you expected.

Job Interview Job Search Workplace Manners

How To Politely Turn Down a Job Offer

· October 24, 2018

The way you turn down an offer says a lot about your professionalism and there are ways of doing it with grace and poise


Searching for a new job? Here are the hacks to negotiate a higher salary

· July 23, 2018

The basic prerequisite for a salary negotiation is some research. You’ll be in a better position to not only asking for what you want but to get it as well.