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About us
What is Hush?
Hush-Make Work Awesome is a platform for employees to get answers to their career and work-related questions. It is a place where they can express their real opinions without any fear of retribution. At Hush, we are trying to make their voices be heard at the workplace and also help make work better. We use anonymity as a tool to facilitate candid workplace discussions. Hush has a restricted community for each company. Only verified employees can get full access to their company community.
What do we stand for?
From day to day workplace matters such as how to handle difficult co-workers to difficult career decisions, Hush is a companion that corporate workforce looks up to. The user at the Hush platform gets- career advice, information or just someone who listens to their hopes, fears and experiences.
It is built employee first and we don’t do any tie-ups with employers. This ensures that our content remains authentic and there is no interference from the employers.